Shamanism is about travelling between the worlds to bring about change.  My focus is on individual healing and personal and collective transformation.  We live at a time of extraordinary uncertainty.  This brings with it unprecedented opportunities and frequently a lot of fear.  By putting us in touch with the very fabric of creation, known to some as the world of living energy, shamanism can help us not only to navigate successfully through this period, but also enables us to build something quite new and splendid, for ourselves and for all living beings.  I hope, through these pages and posts, to share with you what I have learned and am still learning as I develop my art and practice in the mystical world of the shaman.  I hope you enjoy a small or large part of the journey!

If you’d like more details of my work as a shaman, including healing sessions, workshops, talks and radio interviews, email me at n.brocklehurst@yahoo.co.uk


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